About Osprey Archers

Osprey Archers was formed in 1972 as a naval personnel and associates club by Chief Petty Officer Tony Key.  The club was based in H.M.S. Osprey (Portland Navy base) hence the name.

Osprey Archers are mainly a target archery club based in the Weymouth area, Dorset, England, but the club has got Field Archery facilites available.

The club has around 70 members of which about half shoot regularly, and several members also belong to the NFAS.

If you are interested in trying the sport and live in our area please check the courses page for information on our beginners courses.

We are able to provide most types of archery for our members due to our target and field grounds being alongside one another and the target ground is large enough for clout competition.  We also can offer local GNAS members the opportunity to try field archery on club field days, see the event pages for details and the calendar for dates.

Three club members attended the Grand Western Archery week in Dunster 2011, only a couple of awards being won.  At the DWAA county weekend in August 2010 both Mark and Paul became County clout champions, along with Adrian and Rob picking up awards for the York round well done all!

At the DWAA FITA field shoot 2011 both Mark and Mike became County Champions, Mark repeating his success at the regional FITA field to become regional champion as well.  Even better at the NFAS National Championship 2011 Lucy became national champion in the Primitive class and now Michelle is National ladies compound clout champion.

We were proud to again provide a County Team member for the annual GWAS inter-county event in Exeter for 2011.

For any further information you may require not covered on visit www.ospreyarchers.org.uk

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