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Best Golds 29th January


Woods Roger G (LB)

Non-woods Margret G (RC)



Winter Field League News

Round for February’s Winter League is 12 target Poachers.
Three shots are permitted at each target, one from each of three posts, each successive post being closer to the target than the previous one.
Juniors under 18 shoot from the same post as adults in all cases.
Juniors under 15 shoot two arrows from the middle distance post and one from the front post.
Juniors under 12 shoot three arrows from the front post.
Two lane shooting is in operation.
Scoring, Shoot to wound lines. Wound 5 points, Kill 10 Points, Inner Kill 15 points all arrows. Maximum total score for 12 targets 540.
NOTE: Rutting deers will be considured as two targets, left deer, left lane. Right deer, right lane.
Do  not forget to get your January scores sent in.

Best Gold 22nd January


Woods Simon S (TRAD)

Non-woods Adrian B (RC)


Best Golds 15th January


Woods Simon S (TRAD)

Non-woods Georgie R (RC)


Best Golds 8th January


Woods Abby (BB)

Non-woods Mark W (RC)


Best Gold Current Rankings


Happy new year to all.


Roger G (LB) 4, Simon S (TRAD) 2, Jay (TRAD) 2, Mike B (LB) 2 and Kate V (LB), John H (LB) and Rob L (LB) all on 1.


Georgie R (RC) & Darren C (RC) 3, Richard T (RC) 2 and Dave W (ULTD), Alex H (RC), Mark W (RC), Ron H (RC) and Mike C (ULTD) all on 1.

Winter League December


Points for the first month.

January’s round, 12 target WA Un-marked round.

Name          Score    Style    W Points
John R          158       ULTD          1
Rich T           141       RC               2
Paul K           140      BB               3
Mark W        136      RC               4
Alex H          132      RC                5
Georgie R    120      RC               6
Ron H           77        RC               7
John R          74        Trad            8
Mike B         72        LB                9
Eric B           50        LB                10