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Festive Season


To all Osprey Archers and friends have a great Christmas and new year. May your arrows find the highest scoring zone. 


Chairman’s Challange


This years Chairman’s Challange was won by John R (TRAD and the Chairman)

Best bull woods Simon S (TRAD)

Non-woods Dave W (ULTD)


Field Course and Winter League


The winter field course is now open.  Members are reminded that crossing the field is not permitted.

Just for a bit of fun:

Informal Field Winter League Rules

The league will last for three months, December, January and February.

Only nominated round for that month scores can be entered. Decembers nominated round is WA Field Round Unmarked consisting of 12 targets.

Only the first 12 Targets of the day (first loop if doing two laps or more) score can be entered.

Highest score for that month can be entered.

More than one round can be shot per calendar month.

Name, score and bow style to be emailed to

Points allocation:

Highest score will receive 1 point. Second highest 2 points, etc.

Points will be allocated at the end of each month.

If no score is entered of that month, the archer will receive the number of points equivalent to the number of archers shooting in the league plus one point as that month’s points allocation.

Current standing will be published on the club’s blog.

Winner of the league will be the archer who has amalgamated the least number of monthly points.

As this is the first time it is run, there will not be any differential between bow styles.

Best Golds 4 th December 


Woods Roger G (LB)

Non-woods Georgie R (RC)

 Next week is the last indoor session and is the Chairman’s Challange.  Shoot your own bow but without sights.