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A few archers took advantage of the sunny weather.  But the field course was a bit wet.

Target 2 Course was wet in places Target 5 Colin did not quite make it to target 3 Target 5 John R's longbow was found Nice pair of 6's Colin Tony over cooked it Target 24

Best Golds 25/01/2013


Christine H would like feedback on the clubs annual meal.

Well done to Roger G for winning the single and double Portsmouth round, shot at Bournemouth’s open indoor competition.

Nearest the centre, Woods, Simon S (TRAD)

Simon S (TRAD)

Non-woods, Colin B (ULTD)

Colin B (ULTD)

Current rankings.


Simon S (TRAD) 6, Mike B (LB) 5, Roger G (LB) 1, Bob S (LB) 1, Caitlin (TRAD) 1.


Colin B (ULTD) 4, John H (RC) 2, Paula B (RC) 2, Adrian B (RC) 2, Christine H (ULTD), Penny R (ULTD), Peter C (RC), Mark S (ULTD) and Mark W (RC) all on one each.

Club Annual Meal


Saturday evening was the club annual meal.  Well done to the classification badges winners: 1st Class Caitlin S (RC), 2nd Classes for John R (ULTD) and Peter C (RC) and the handicap medal John R (ULTD).  Tony was awarded the Chairman’s Award (a painting of the field where Osprey used the shoot).  The club was quite quiet today but a couple of members managed a lap of the field course.

Chairman's Award John R with Handicap Medal The Field Course Quite Day at the Club



Best golds this week

New starters Zack


Woods Caitlin S (Jr RC)

Caitlin S Arrow

Non-woods John H (RC)

John H

Christine H (ULTD) trashing one of her’s arrow




A happy and high scoring new year to all.

Best golds 04/01/2013 (the first on this year)

Woods Bob (LB)

Non-woods Pete (RC)



The new starters had their own best gold won by Lloyd

110113 004

Woods Bob (LB)

110113 005

Non-woods Paula B (RC)

110113 006