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28th October


Best gold was hotly contested this week. It went to a measure and Colin B (ULTD) won.

20th October


Colin B (ULTD)  got best gold the week.

Big Update (News and Dates)


Firstly Adrian B (RC) got best gold on Friday (14th).

Well done to Michelle Loxley who is now National Clout Champion

Mark Wootton is also Grand Western Archery Society Field Champion. Mike Beare was third in the open competition.

Dates to remember:

Club Clout Competition 30th October

Club Short Indoor Competition (Bray II) 9th December

First FITA Field course open on the 6th November

Osprey Triple Shoot 15th April 2012

7th October


Best gold Richard W (ULTD)

30th September


The field course will be open this Sunday to shoot over the course of our open shoot. Start time is 10 o’clock.

Good luck to Adrian who is shooting for DWAA at the inter counties.

A small target was put up for friday’s best gold but it turned out to be closest to the middle.  Richard W (ULTD) was the nearest.