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Fees, Help and Email


Club fees are now due

Help required for the Melbury House Have-A-Go. approximately 4 to 5 people required. Contact Christine.

The club received an email from Bournemouth Archery Club, thanking us for putting on a great shoot. All their members had a great time and a few are keen to have a few more laps of the field course on the 23rd.


Clout Pratice


Just a reminder that Tuesday evenings are now available for clout pratice.

Open Triple Shoot


Friday (16th April) evening was the first try at putting up the new tea/booking in tent. With no instructions a few of the poles were mixed up, but after about 40 minutes the structure was up. A very good purchase for the club.

Saturday (17th April), the grass was trimmed, clout circles marked and the target stands, measured and placed at the required distances ready for the open shoot on the Sunday. 

Sunday (18th April), an early and very sunny start for the helpers, finishing the last few preparations for the Open Triple Shoot. Seven bosses put out with faces, flags and number boards. The erection of the tea tent was filmed with a time-lapse camera. Many thanks to Andrew for the entertaining film, a link will be available shortly for the club member to watch.

Twenty archers from local clubs entered the shoot. Starting with target. Three dozen arrows shoot at ether seventy, fifty or thirty metres, was completed and after a short break, they was lead out on to the field course.

The field course consisting of twelve 3D targets cause a lot of entrainment with the archers shooting the round. Lots for laughing and joking amongst the competitors. The woodsman scoring caused a bit of confusing to begin with but after a couple of targets, the scoring was sorted.

After another short break, the clout was started. The longbows did struggle to reach 180 yards, and a few strays had to be retrieved from the overshoot field alongside.

With the competition over and the scores checked, the archers gathered for the presentations and afterwards said they all had a great time and would inform other archers in their clubs what they missed.

With the support of the club members though out the day, the only packing up to do at the end was taking down the tea tent.

Many thanks to the following:

Mark the tournament organiser

Paula and Christine organising the refreshments

Mike and Mark for the field course

Michelle sourcing the clout flags and ropes

Tim and Mike for the target round materials

And all club members who supplied cakes and their time and effort to make this a very successful shoot.



Firstly, well done to Elliot for achieving his Archery GB Red Award.

 A reminder for club members that shooting outdoors is on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings aswell as Sundays.

Indoor Competition


Rounds: Stafford for the seniors and short metric 4 for the juniors held at Weymouth College 11th April 2010.


09:30 nine Bosses were erected and faced.

09:45 Assembly. Lead by Tim and Mike was nominated as Field Captain.

10:00 Sighters


27 archers from Osprey competed with some fine scores shot. A few club records were broken. Well done to those.


Trophies were presented for

Recurve ladies, gents, junior girl and boy.

Compound, ladies and gents.

Longbow, ladies and gents.


Also four best gold for senior Recurve, compound, longbow and a junior Recurve. All were a large bar of chocolate.


It was great to see a few of our new members shooting and having a good time.


Well done to Tim for organising the shoot, Paula for being Lady Paramount and Mike for Field Captain and sorting the results.

Indoor Competition


Assembly at 09:45, sighters at 10:00. Stafford and short metric 4.

A New Start


This blog has been set up to give a larger overview of what is happening in Osprey Archers.

Also to get messages, news and requests for help/assistance to the club members with a shorter time delay and to make a more focal point for information.